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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Graphite Custom Portrait Commission - Completed

Well it is not just because I did not want to leave the last update on this numbered as 13, I really did do a few edits.  They are probably not noticeably unless I point them out though :)

I added more branches to a tree and made the tree line more random in areas.  Added a hinge on the door and facial hair in the reflection, opps, totally forgot to do that.  It is funny when working from various reference photos sometimes the obvious does not click because I am so focused on analyzing the reference I am working from, not the reality of the collage ;)  

I think it is complete though now and I am quite happy with it.  Online does not do it justice as I just can't seem to get a decent photo as it always comes out blurry in photos.  Could it be that the size and strong darks are throwing the values off, not my crummy photography skills, hmm.  Still waiting for sun too so maybe tomorrow it will make an appearance :)

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