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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Realistic Pet Portraits Workshop April 9 & 10, 2011 - Calico Cat Demo

Calico Cat Sketch
Calico Cat Reference Photo
This is the cat we will be working on during the first day of the workshop this coming weekend.  It is one of the students cat and the dog we will be working on the second day is another student's dog.  Students who have taken a workshop already will also be bringing in their own reference photos so we should have some interested stuff by the end of the weekend.   I had planned on drawing my cat as I have great photos of him and he is a beautiful cat with short hair and lots of great markings.  But as the dog I ended up choosing has short hair, I wanted to have a long haired cat so we can cover various types of fur.  It my cat had not adopted our family, I would have definitely chosen a calico cat, they are like art in motion...so beautiful!

I thought I would post updates of the portrait that I will be bringing to the workshop.  I will fully develop one side of the cat and then work on the other side of the cat during the workshop.  This way students can see how it should look as they are watching the demos and working on their own cats.

I am hoping to have half a cat and half a dog completed before the weekend starts, hah, I always work best under pressure :)

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