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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Graphite Custom Portrait Commission - Update #9

I have been busy getting ready for my watercolor workshop on Thursday and had last minute company on the weekend so it feels like FOREVER since I have had time to work on this.

Finally made it back to the easel today and made some good progress I think.  I de-pouffed his hair quite a bit.  I had hoped that by overshooting it and then working into the hair as I often do I could add more texture on the outside edges of his hair but his head size being so small, I don't know if it made any difference. 

I think his head may be a bit too pointed on the upper right hand side but I want to confirm that the width of the sides are correct before correcting as if they are I will adjust on the top, if they are too narrow, I will adjust on the side. 

I also lighten the wood work on the doors behind him which I will do to the other doors which are not grey in real life.  Then finalize the hinges and details on the wall and doors.

I did a bit more work on the reflections in the piano and am continuing to work on the inside details.  I think I will also darken the right side of the piano (the leg and above) and then will soften the highlighted areas on the outer edge.  Then I will move onto the finishing touches everywhere.  Just little tweaks here and there to pull it all together.

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