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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Graphite Custom Portrait Commission - Update #8

More of the details on the piano insides have been filled in and will be tweaked further as the drawing progresses.  Most of the string have been drawn in but need to be softened and then highlights and reflections added. 

I have not had a chance to focus on the father more yet but I am very please to say that his face is quite close according to his son so that is a huge relief.  I can now shape his hair as right now it is quite poofy so his hair is done we will see if any minor edits need to be made to his face.

I have surprise house guests, the only problem with a home studio, so I may not have any further updates until after the weekend. I also have an upcoming Watercolor Workshop next week that I need to prepare for so I may have to work on this intermittently but definitely the hair will be fixed first then finishing touches...everywhere!

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