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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graphite Custom Portrait Commission - Update #8

Father's Graphite Portrait Commission Update
Reference Photos I am working from
Yesterday I did some more refinement of the doors and back of the cottage.  Still a bit more refinement needed and the hinges need to be added and refined but I decided to start blocking in the father.

I blocked his features in and have refined to try to capture what I think is a good representation of him from the photos.  I put all the photos that would fit on the screen and then tried to pull features from the ones that I could see the best as some of them are quite grainy.  Of course, he looks totally different in almost every photo! But I am hoping it is getting close to how he looked.  I will wait to hear back from my client as being his son, he can tell me hen where the features are off.  I do not want to refine the features too much (so they may look a little cut out, especially the hair - I am trying to not focus on that...) as once they are refined it is tricky to make changes.

I have also started adding the details on the piano so I can work on these until I hear back from my client.

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