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Monday, March 21, 2011

Oil Still Life Painting

Oil Painting in Progress

I have not made it into the studio for the past 3 days (gasp) due to spring break and I am getting very twitchy!  I finally get to work (I love my job) on a graphite commission later today but I thought I would post a painting I have been working.  It is oil on 11x14" cradled panel and it is just starting to take shape.

The box for the still life is a hand made box created by first nations artists and is on display at the Fraser Discovery Center.  The seashell I have had for I think two years now and have been dying to paint it.  The butterfly is a resident of the Vancouver Aquarium whom I have painted before in oil on panel, Torn.

The butterfly on the wooden box is carved into the wood with beautiful stones inlaid in areas which I am hoping to capture.


andrea said...

I am at about the same stage in an oil painting and it couldn't be more different! This is coming along beautifully.

Tracey said...

Thanks Andrea, I am looking forward to seeing yours soon :) Hard to wait for stages to dry isn't it!