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Monday, March 14, 2011

Child Oil Portrait - Monochromatic Block In

Oil Portrait Block In - 8x10"
This is the beginning of an oil portrait I started awhile back.  I have been trying several different methods of painting in oil and was itching to try doing a block in or poster study (not sure of the technical term) and then build up the layers as I go and glaze on the flesh colors.

I created a mix of burnt umber and titanium white making six different piles for each value.  I then tried to block in the basic shapes TRYING to ignore the details but obviously I did not manage to ignore them all ;) 

I started a commission today (nothing post-worthy yet) so I will have to hold off on working more layers on this one until after the commission but I thought it looked so cool that I would post it.  It is really surprising how much of a likeness is captured even at this stage with so little detail!


Vanessa said...

It's looking good Tracey. Definitely post worthy despite your claims :) I love how you add the tints slowly and bring it all together.

It's so similar to pastel layering. I'm hoping to try oils out one day in the future when my pockets can afford another medium.

Can't wait to see your next stage. And congrats on the commission too.

Tracey said...

Thanks Vanessa :) Yes I think this blocking in works for most any medium, with modifications. I just wish I had time to work on it, I need to clone myself!

Tracey said...

Vanessa, I know what you mean. Everytime I walk into the art store my hubby holds his breath waiting for the damage ;)