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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Workshop Sold Out and In Full Swing

I had a great day at the workshop yesterday and I am looking forward to getting back to "work" today :) It is hard to call it work when you get to have fun with artists and draw all day.  Although I was pooped at the end of the day yesterday ;)  We have a great hardworking bunch again for this workshop, most even worked over the lunch break, hardcore!

It is a full group this time and several students brought in some of their work for critiques which was really great to see.  It is always so helpful to have someone critique your work, especially if you are open to it and have a bit of a tough skin.  Freshobjective eyes can really help to see areas where the artwork can be improved.  I am lucky (unlucky?) to have a personal critic at home, although a touch blunt, he has a great eye ;) So I was thinking this morning I should offer students critiques on an ongoing basis.  So I will offer a free critique per month to past students.  I hope it will be a great way to keep everyone motivated and keep in touch :)  I forgot my camera yesterday so I will bring it today and try to get some photos of everyone busy at work.

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