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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Realistic Graphite Pencil Pet Portrait Workshop

Graphite Papillon Puppy Portrait
Whether you would like to create a portrait of your pet or learn how to create pet portraits for commission this workshop will help you reach a new level of realism in your pet portraits. You will learn how to create expressive eyes to capture the animal’s unique character as well as how to tackle various types of fur.

This course is suitable for beginner and intermediate artists. There will be many demos & one on one instruction so each artist works at their own pace. Supply list will be provided upon registration.

The workshop will be held at the Outlet in Port Coquitlam (Leigh Square)

April 9 & 10, 2011
Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm

Prerequisites: None

If you are interested in this workshop, you can register directly online by phone at 604-927-8400 or contact me at info@stateofartportraits.com for more information.


Nicole, papillon dog lover said...

I love to have a portrait of my dog but I don’t like to make one. I don’t have the skills in art. Can you make a portrait for us?

Tracey said...

Hi Nicole
Sure I do people and pet portraits. Just use my contact form to let me know what size/medium you would like and we can go from there.

Nicole, papillon dog lover said...

Oh great! Thanks Tracey! It's been almost a year since I visited your blog. You are getting better each day.

Tracey said...

thanks Nicole, heck I try :) I did not realized all the comments on my bog were hidden away, hah, glad you stopped by :)