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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oil Portrait in Progress

I still have a very long way to go on this painting but I thought I would post an update of it.  I am trying to build this painting up in layers similar to the old masters, we will see what happens ;)

I still may do a bit more refining of the gray values before I move onto color but I will see once things dry more.  I am not focusing too much on the likeness to the subject but I would like to get it closer, especially the lips.  Waiting for layers to dry before fixing is hard!


andrea said...

Nice! How long will you allow it to dry between layers and how many laeyrs? How thin will the glazes be -- and what are you using as a medium?

Tracey said...

lol you ask those questions like you think I know what I am doing & have a plan ;)

I have a bit of a plan but it is very loose ;) I let the layers dry until they don't rub off with a bit of medium on a dry cloth, usually a day or two. My furnace vents to the stair well and makes a perfect drying area (warmest area in the house) so I prop up my paintings along the stair case for drying. The build was very thoughtful and even built a little ledge for me to prop my paintings so they don't get kicked over :)

I am not sure how many layers it will be. I had thought it would be only one layer for the gray values but then I realized that was crazy as I was no where close where I wanted to be after the first layer. I believe I have done four layers of the gray, mostly because of poor lighting and not being sure of how light & dark to go. I think I will need 1 or 2 more layers then onto the color.

I believe I will do at least two color layers but will see how it goes ;) I am using Gamsol & Walnut Alkyd Medium only.

I am really enjoying the process so far though. I have no expectations as I am just learning but I am happy with it so far :)