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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dalia Flower Painting in Acrylic - wip #9

Well, apparently reorganizing your studio and cleaning up is a good idea for more reasons than just being able to get from the door to the easel. Actually my studio is generally pretty clean, just my mind gets cluttered and I forget where I have put everything and spend way too much time looking for things rather than painting.  Hence the reorg, anyway..look what I found hidden away with all of  my old paintings!  I had totally forgotten about this one, perhaps intentionally?

I have spent many, many hours on this one and spent the day working on it to get it up to this point, still many more hours to go.  I started this painting when I was new to acrylics and had this idea of building up transparent glazes as I do with my watercolor.  After many layers however I realized that with acrylics the transparent colors never build up enough to hide the weave of the canvas or my graphite pencil lines, argh.  So I had to add some opaques and start basically from scratch and build up the layers again. Oh well, this it is called the learning process right? As long as I am always having fun :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The most famous Flower Paintings from this series are the ones where the sunflowers, yellow and bright are set against a contrasting blue background.