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Monday, January 10, 2011

Graphite Portrait Commission - Birthday Gift for Mom
Nicole's Portrait Update 1

Nicole's Graphite Portrait Commission
Update #1
The values are slowly being built up on Nicole's portrait while refining her features more.  I worked on this earlier today and am just posting an update this evening.  With only a few hours of a "break" on my eyes I see several things immediately that need to be addressed tomorrow.  Her left eye is a touch too open and her right eye is a touch too closed, how did that happen ;) Her bottom lip is too full right now but once I add in more highlights that will take care of the fullness and will look more settled in.

I will add a few more layers to her hair and the shadows on her face but her skin tone is much lighter than her sister's so I need to keep the balance as well and not go too dark.  I am hoping to have Nicole's portrait completed up to the same level as Ashley's by tomorrow to leave time for final adjustments and refinements for both. 

The commission is for the east coast in the states so I want to have this portrait packaged and shipped on Friday to ensure it arrives well in time for their mother's birthday

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