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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Graphite Family Portrait Commission - A Few Minor Changes

Family Graphite Portrait Commission
At the request of my client I made a few minor edits which will hopefully capture the resemblance better.  I darkened the father's jacket and softened his jawline. 

The youngest daughter I got carried away with the highlights which resulted in her hair color being lighter than it is in real life so I added in more darker tones.  I also made her eyes a little smaller as my client felt that she was looking younger than she really is.  This is the nice part about having a client that knows the subjects well and provides feedback as, especially when the photo quality is not great, a photo can only capture so much of the subject.  Having the feedback and/or multiple good quality photos really helps!

The oldest daughter's nose was also a bit wider than in real life which was tricky to see in the photo as most of the left side of her nose is one value in the photo so hard to determine the shadows on the lit side of her face.  The photo of the portrait the top of her nose looks a darker and harsher than in the real portrait but I think the width is better, although I will wait for my client's feedback before adjusting any further.

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