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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black and White Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait - Valentine's Day Update #3

Monochromatic Watercolor Portrait
Valentine's Day Commission
The dark values are really starting to help the lighter values and highlights glow.  I have softened the edges of the highlights in the hair and built up the layers very slowly to create depth, letting each layer dry prior to adding the next.  Realistic watercolors are not for the impatient ;)

Her facial features have also been built up slowly and will be refined a bit further and then all areas will be softened.  I will let dry completely again and then will add some dry brush details to her hair and brows to create crisp texture.


andrea said...

She's got that fresh scrubbed look that's so appealing.

Tracey said...

Yeah she is so cute, aha, as I hobble away from my easel ;)