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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Graphite Family Portrait Commission Completed

Family Graphite Portrait Commission
Further refinements have been added to each of the subjects and I think this portrait is complete.  As always I will check with my client to see if there are any edits needed on her end and of course if I come back in the morning and something pops out at me.

The completed portrait size is 13x19" which will be 18x24" framed.  I will also take  a photo of the piece framed as once the matt is on it is amazing how the values pop against the matt.


Vanessa said...

Congrats on finishing, it looks great! Isn't it amazing how frames and matts really enhance a pic. I always enjoy the framing stages.

Tracey said...

Thanks Vanessa :) I know, I tend to frame most of my pieces now even if they are just sitting around my studio as they look so much crisper.

Hope you had a great xmas!