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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Graphite Family Portrait Commission - Daughter #1 and Brother

Sister and Brother Portraits
Well I probably should have posted an update sooner but I just kept thinking, one more thing, one more thing.  So the eldest sister and brother are at about 90% completion but I always like to move onto the other subjects before doing the final refinements and softening of features.

I actually went back to the sister after the brother was brought up to the same level of completion and redefined her entire face and hair.  As the brother will represent the darkest values in the portrait I had to strengthen the dark values on the sister to bring her up to the same value scale. 

I did not want to draw him first though as even though I cover the areas worked on with paper to avoid smudging, smudges still occur so I try to work left to right as much as possible. 

I will now move onto the father and then the youngest sister after that.  As it is the holiday season my updates will be (and have been) intermittent but I still am managing to squeeze in art/work time.  Funny to spend all these years doing various jobs to finally have a job where I look forward to going to work :)

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