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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Graphite Family Portrait Commission - Daughter #1 Sketch

Daughter #1 Sketch
 This is a sketch of one of the daughters in my latest commission.  The whole portrait commission will be 18x24" done in graphite pencil.  Each head size will be roughly 4.5" which is as small as I like to go as the smaller the face is the trickier it is to fit in all the details that represent each subject.

Her features have been blocked in and the light and dark values have been laid down lightly. Her features are not exact yet as I tend to lay in the graphite and then refine the features to capture the resemblance. 

I have added in much more of the details in the sketch phase for this one as the photos I am working from are actually quite small so I really want to make sure I get the likeness early on.  I am quite happy with the progress so far and am looking forward to starting to add in the depth to really make her features pop :)

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