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Monday, November 29, 2010

Photos from the Artisan Fair in Port Coquitlam

My Table Display
I wish I had thought to bring my camera, but luckily my neighbor Maxine took photos for several of us.  We had a really nice time as the volunteers and staff at Leigh Square were really great at making sure all the artisans had everything they needed.  There was live music from some of the local talent so we had live entertainment all weekend which was really nice :)

I met a lot of really nice artists and art lovers as well which is always fun.  It is nice to see others get as excited about paint as I do ;)

There were several really talented jewelers Lonnie Jackson, Nyne Olson, Laura Foreman were some of my favorites.  I made more than a few friends over the weekend and managed to only spend a bit of my profit ;) I could not resist the aprons that Maxine made (she was on my left) for the kids on my list.  She makes the double sided so you get two aprons in one with little pockets and cute kid patterns and lace for the girls.  Initially I wanted them for painting but they are too cute to get paint on so maybe for the little chefs on my list :)

I wanted to spend more but could not get away from my booth long enough . Probably a good thing as of course they were Xmas gifts for me, not the ones on my list ;)

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