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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission - Grandmother Update #2

Grandmother Update
Much more depth has been added to the grandmother's portrait and her features have been further defined.  Although there is more refinement needed, I will move onto the last subject in this portrait so that I can come back with fresh eyes to the first two subjects.

For the grandmother, her hair on the top of her head will be darkened further, her nose is a little too wide on the bridge and tip so this will need to be refined further and more highlights will be added to her cheeks to give more shape and capture more of her likeness.

She has been really fun so far to work on as she has such a happy face and all of the wrinkles and wisps of hair are really fun to work on, kind of like a jigsaw puzzle :)

Of course when I come back with fresh eyes there could be more ;)  It is always good to take a break whether it be working on something else or just stepping back from the easel as with anything, focusing too long you tend to see what you want to see, not what is necessarily there.

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