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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission - Sketch 2

Rough Sketch of Grandmother
I have roughed in much of the granddaughter but it is very rough so is kind of at a funny looking stage.  She does not look like "herself" but the basic shapes are there.  I want to wait to get a larger image to start putting in the details which will lock in her resemblance. 

I have moved onto the grandmother for now and have just transferred the rough sketch to the paper. I think with all her character she is going to be really fun to draw! She seems so sweet and I get the feeling she had a great sense of humor :)


andrea said...

I think it must be really hard to draw older people. Their faces (our faces? :) become so specific with age. Looking forward to seeing her take shape!

Tracey said...

I realised last night that I have never drawn a really old person. It is actually quite fun though and I "think" it may be easier as the wrinkles provide a bit of a roadmap as to how everything fits together. Just need a lot of patience I think, let's hope I am right ;)