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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission
Father & Son Christmas Gift - Father Update #3

The father's features are really taking shape now but still more refinement is needed, especially on his mouth, but I will again leave it overnight so I can have fresh eyes in the morning.

The hair has been filled in and is very near completion and I have "aged" him more and added his smile lines.  I will go back to work on the baby tomorrow as well and hopefully do the finishing touches on the baby's face and body.


Anonymous said...

It's def coming along. :)

I check this site EVERY day to see yourprogress...I love that you do updates. My friend is actually viewing your site as well and considering getting a piece done also.



Tracey said...

Thanks Ashley I am so glad you are enjoying the progress :) I think the latest update is getting really close :) That is great about your friend, just let her know that if it is for xmas to decide sooner than later as I am booking up quite fast this year!