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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Drawing Realistic Graphite Portraits Workshop
Feb 5 & 6

Graphite Baby Portrait
Before the workshop was half way done I had several requests for another session, as soon as possible, yay :) So, I have scheduled another workshop for February 5 & 6 at Leigh Square in the Residence Room.

I found that eight was a really nice sized group so we will be limiting workshop sizes to ten.  Six artists have already preregistered (ie asked me to email them as soon as registration online opens) so if you are interested just let me know and I can add your name to the list.  If we end up with more than ten registrants, I will see if we can add an additional workshop around the same time. 

I think it is best to keep the class size limited and just have more workshops so everyone gets more than enough one on one time as well as the group demos as that seemed to work really well last weekend.


andrea said...

That's awesome, Tracey. Congrats!

Tracey said...

Thanks Andrea :) Yup next best thing to taking a workshop I think ;)