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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Abstract Acrylic - Closer to the Flame

Closer to the Flame
9x11" Framed
Well the good thing that comes from all the running around and not being in the studio is having frames and mats handy to actually framed my pieces as they are finished rather than haunt me from the far end of my studio :)

This is the latest piece in my abstract acrylic series,  yes I am a little hooked on the blue.  It is such a peaceful yet vivid color it makes it hard to play with any others :)


Lisa Lorenz said...

Oh its gorgeous..love the blues..how are you enjoying doing some abstract work? I have never done any....well some a long time ago in highschool! lol. have a great day Tracey adn best of luck for the upcoming show

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa, I am loving it :) It is such a change of pace from what I usually do, great way to loosen up and just have fun :)

Thanks for the well wishes, here it to hoping sunshine and tons of visitors :)