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Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 Winter Artisans Fair at Leigh Square
Nov 26 & 27 from 11-5pm

Miniature Oil Landscapes
5x7" Framed Oil on Panel
$75.00 each

Watercolor Flowers
5x7" Framed Watercolor on Paper
$45.00 Each
 This year I have been juried into the Winter Artisans Fair at Leigh Square.  I checked it out last year and I was really impressed by the quality of the products being displayed.  They have everything from potters, jewelers, photographers, painters to people selling home made foods and preserves. 

I will be displaying many of my smaller pieces in oil, watercolor and graphite pencil.  It is a great way to find hand made Christmas gifts without having to make them yourself ;)  I hope to pick up a few gifts while I am there as well!


andrea said...

Where did you get the frames? I'm guessing they were reasonably priced if you're selling your artwork so cheaply!

Tracey said...

They were reasonable but I think I just suck at pricing my work ;) I never know if it is too much or not enough, then all the different sizes and mediums, ugh!

I keep the same price whether I sell from a gallery or direct so makes it even trickier depending on how high the commission is that the gallery charges