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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Harley Davidson Motorcycle
18x24" Graphite Commission - Rough Sketch

This is the rough sketch for my latest commission of a Harley Davidson motorcycle I am working on.  Is it wrong to call a Harley pretty? Hope not because this bike sure is pretty :) 

My eyes are a little buggy from all the chrome and reflections but worth every twitch because I think it is going to look awesome once I start filling in all of the tonal values.

I have cropped out the white space to show more of the bike for now as the white space kills the photo details.  I will be adding little custom plate sketch at the bottom as per the request of my client and the initials of Ole Evinrude (OE) somewhere hidden around the motor. Apparently Ole is the man who helped the Harley & Davidson boys make the first “real” Harley motorcycle.  Do you think they would still be as cool if they had called them Ole Cycles?


Michelle said...

Looks great already.

Tracey said...

Thanks Michelle :)