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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission
Father & Son Christmas Gift

16x20" Graphite Commission
Rough Sketch
This is a rough sketch of a Christmas commission that I started on last night.  The lines are very rough and dark and will act just as markers for the final details.  Babies are so much fun to draw as they are so plump and happy it is hard not to smile when drawing them :)

The next step will be to start filling in the forms and refining the details.  I will be using a lot of negative drawing for this one, adding and removing the graphite, to ensure a softness for the baby.


Anonymous said...


I see what you mean when you say things look a little funny in the first stages...but I LOVE IT already. I'm so excited for this piece. Thank you so much...I'm soooo excited about the updates process! :) Thank you so so much!


Tracey said...

lol I know I always feel a little like I need to apologize at this stage! Many of my friends who do commissions gasp when I tell them I post my updates ;)

That is a very good sign if you love it already ;) Hope you enjoy watch everything fall into place :)

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely enjoy the process.....now....as long as my fiance looks at it and cries like he did last years Christmas present....I know you did MAGIC! Last year I gave him a photo album with pictures of NO ONE except his daughters and he was moved. Let's hope this year is a repeat!!!

Thank you again for everything! :)

Tracey said...

lol no pressure! I will do my best ;)