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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Minnekhada Oil Sketch - 5x7" on Panel
Torrit Grey Series 1

This is a 5x7" oil sketch I did yesterday after visiting Minnekhada Lodge over the weekend.  It is so beautiful out there, even with a migraine ;)   The lodge hosting the second annual Art in the Park on the weekend, I will post more photos and info about the event later. 

I have decided to do a monochromatic series of 5x7" oil paintings on panel and this is the first of the series.  I love monochromatic paintings and was planning on mixing up a black and using a tube of white but then realized, duh, why not use some of the beautiful Torrit Grey that I got from Gamblin :)  I have two tubes and each one is uniquely different as they are actually made from the pigments collected from the air filtration system during the paint making process.  What a great way to protect the environment, workers health and as they give the paint away free with a small purchase (to prevent hording - they most know we artists are a little obsessive?).

So as I have had a few shopping trips during the time when they were giving away the paint I have two tubes each slightly different so I may even do two series - one from each tube - just for fun. Yes, I just decided that is what I will do :)


Jess said...

this piece seems to have a glowing quality about it, I like it.

Michelle said...

Tracey - this is really nice. Even without color it's interesting to look at. Nice contrast and soft feel.

Tracey said...

Thanks Jess & Michelle :)