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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Graphite and Charcoal Figure Portrait - Update #3

I was waiting to hear back from my client before I did any further refinements to this piece as it is much more of a custom piece than I usually do. 

The skin was smoothed out and more highlights were added to create more shape and depth.  Her hair was also filled in more and layers were added and removed to create depth and movement.  I think she is complete now but I will wait to see how she looks with fresh eyes in the morning.

Again I am having a hard time getting a decent photo due to all the white space and my not great studio lighting so I posted a detail photo as well which captures the tonal range a bit better.


Michelle said...

Tracey- This is looking great! You've done an excellent job on the hair and fabric especially. How big is it? Your client is going to love it.

Tracey said...

Thanks Michelle :) I love doing hair! I hope they will love it. It is for their bedroom and it is 16x30" so should look quite nice when you walk in the room. I have it on my easel when I walk by my studio and it looks quite nice, I am contemplating one for my room now ;)