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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Butterfly Oil Painting on Panel - Torn Update #2

Oil Painting of Butterfly - Torn
I slowly building up the depth in the leaves and the butterfly and am quite happy with the progress so far.  I really need to stop sticking my fingers in the paint though! I am going to make myself an awl stick but just have not gotten around to it as I would rather be drawing and painting ;)  I have been using a stretcher bar in the interim which when I remember to use it works quite nicely :)

I still have many more layers to go as I am using very thin glazes but am I really enjoying see the layers build up.  I am finding this painting very much like my watercolor painting process but without having to rush as with watercolor you have to be pretty quick with getting the layers down before things go south ;)  Now I have to wait for this layer to dry before moving onto the next, that is the only part of oils I do not like so far but definitely a small price to pay ;)


andrea said...

It is coming along beautifully and you have the patience of a saint to do glazes in oil!

PS I need a mahl stick, too. If only I coule remember when I'm not actually needing it!

Tracey said...

thanks Andrea, actually I think it is just a strange warped sense of pleasure watching the colors change sooo slowly :)

I know, the only time I remember too is when I am painting, hence the stretcher bar, I may never end up making one, if I do should I make two ;)

Vanessa said...

The leaves are coming together nicely!

Tracey said...

Thanks Vanessa, I finally get a chance to get back to it this weekend :)