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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What better way to start the day?

I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday to find a package waiting for me in the mailbox from Gamblin Oil Paints.  I had spoken with their customer support team about one of their products awhile back and had asked them to send me some color and medium charts so that I could have a handy reference of the same in my studio.

So I was really excited, it is a little embarrassing how excited I get by paint really. I am sure my heart rate jumped significantly when I opened the package and found three bottles of medium samples & four tubes of their paint, sigh :) 

They sent me some NEO MEGILP which is a gel medium that suspends the oil paint and increases viscosity.  This is one of their mediums that I did not have and wanted to try so I am so happy they sent this one.  The other two mediums (Gamsol and Galkyd Lite) I had already but of course you can NEVER have too many art supplies and I really love the bottles. I have a bit of an addiction to boxes and cool containers too...

They also sent samples of Alizarin Permanent (my fav colour in all mediums), Ultramarine Blue, Gold Ochre and Indian Red. 

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