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Friday, July 02, 2010

More Studio Ramblings

I got my free sample of the latest water miscible oil on the market, Cobra.  I have not had much time to paint lately, hence all the thinking about painting and studio tips :) Soon, soon! 

I am quite liking the regular oils and see no reason to use the water miscible oils but can't help but try the samples :)  If handled properly regular oils are not nearly as scary as I thought they were going to be (toxicity and cleanup wise).  By turning my fan on low in my studio and keeping solvents/paints in covered jars I do not have any fumes or odours.  Many artists do not even use solvents at all but I like how it thins the paint.

I also started covering my palette when not in use which makes a big difference as I was leaving unused paint on my palette between sessions.  So I grabbed yet another dish from the kitchen for my palette, similar to the one below.  It has a rubber type lid which keeps the paint fresh similar to using a stay wet palette.


andrea said...

You know those styrofoam meat trays you get at the supermarket? I wash them then reuse them as palettes. Easy to cover -- throw out when you're done. Not very environmentally responsible of me probably, but at least those non biodegradable trays get reused!

Tracey said...

good idea, it is still recycling right :) I have been using the styrofoam plates for my acrylics and get a little pang of guilt everytime one hits the trash ;)