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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Day at the Beach - Oil Painting WIP

I got a few hours yesterday to get into the studio, oh heaven so I started a new 16x20" oil painting on stretched canvas.  It went so well in the beginning and was flying along having a blast but then I got into the weeds, literally, it is a landscape, and fought with it for two hours before giving in and going with bushes :)

I realized after much fighting that due to my limited palette I was not achieving the color that I wanted for the beach grass and had an aha moment and dug through my studio for my 5 year old water miscible oils to see if the right color was there, and it was, cad yellow light.  Although it was quite dry it still worked ok but sadly I had lost the beautiful glow of the under painting.  I totally should have taken a photo as it was so beautiful, I surprised myself that it looked so nice :(  Oh well, live & learn.

Of course I knew something was still not right and looked at it this morning and realized that the grassy area had mysteriously ended in the middle of my canvas, not at all like my mock up which I deviated from in the heat of it all.  So I will have to fiddle with the composition a bit and see where it ends up. 

All in all though I am really enjoying oils and am quite happy with the way the colors are flowing together.


andrea said...

Hmmm -- sounds VERY familiar! :)

Tracey said...

lol I know kinda funny, now that we are DONE the grass :)