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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dalia Flower Painting in Acrylic - wip #8

Ok so it probably just looks like I am uploading the same image everytime, but really, I am working on it!   The colors are a little washed out here as I guess the sun was too bright, good problem to have ;)

I am working on getting the overall color and level of depth the same on all  the petals and will then have to push the background petals back more.  I am not too used to acrylics and keep running out of my mixed colors but think I have enough mixed now...will see :)

I am also working on several oil paintings as I am obsessed with oil paints right now so hard to get back into the mood for this one.  I have it sitting in my living room to taunt me though so hopefully will get it finished before summer is over!


Meera Rao said...

Its beautiful!!! you are so meticulous and patient !! :)

Tracey said...

Thanks Meera :)