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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recycling Your Oil Paints - It Doesn't Get Much Greener!

How cool is this video on how to recycle your oil paints from Gamblin Oil paints? It shows you how to recycle the sludge at the bottom of your brush cleaning jar into "new" paint. It also enables you to reuse your cleaning liquid, in this case Gamsol (Gamblin's Odourless Mineral Spirits) so that you never have to dispose of these chemicals but just keep reusing them.

I am going to have to give this a try once I get enough slud, just starting out so it could take awhile but I will post and update when I get there :) I am using baby oil to clean my brushes right now for when I paint the next day but I think I will keep a separate jar with the Gamsol for when I won't be painting the next day.  The fact that you can keep reusing the solvent is great as I hate to add anymore crap to the landfills.  Plus, talk about getting the most bang for your buck!


Jana Bouc said...

Hi Tracy, Your artwork is amazing! I found your blog via Andrea's and was interested to read about your experiments with oils, and Open acrylics. We've been exploring the same paths it seems but now I'm experimenting with water soluble oils.

When I using regular oils I was doing the Gamsol thing where you have two jars, one a settling jar and one to use for cleaning (you pour off the clean solvent from the top of the settling jar into the washing jar, wash your brush and then pour the now dirty Gamsol back into the settling jar, let it settle and repeat). But I found that it even though the solvent I was using was clear and clean it began to smell bad, and I think it was the oil in the sludge going rancid.

Costescu said...

Hi Jana thanks so much for your kind words about my artwork :)

Yes I am guessing the oil would go rancid after some time. I wonder if you just clean out the sludge if the smell would go away...will see what happens :)

I have been playing with the Open acrylics a bit too (mostly before I bought the oils) and prefer the oils but can see how the opens can be really useful & love the fact that you can use them with fluids & regular acrylics too.

I will keep an eye on your adventures with oils too, maybe we will learn 3x as quickly hah hah :)