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Friday, June 11, 2010

My New Toys!

Aren't they beautiful!?!?   I put my back out (or pinched a nerve or something) last weekend so I was stuck with a heating pad on my back for 3 days, during which I surfed about art stuff, of course :)  I was not planning on taking up another medium at this time as I have so much that I want to try with my current mediums that I all ready need an extra 10 hours in my day... but I keep seeing so many amazing artist's work lately using oils that I just could not resist any longer.

So I compared all the options (genesis heat set oils, water miscible oils, regular oils) and decided to go with Gamblin oil paints as they seem very high quality & the company seems very into creating great products with the least amount of toxicity. 

After surfing for 3 days straight, I also discovered that many artists use just linseed or walnut oil and odourless mineral spirits (still toxic but very minimal in a well ventilated studio) in their paintings.  So no reason not to jump in and give them a try...right?  I did not need all the mediums but thought why not try them out & see if I like them as they also seemed pretty low in toxicity & I love the bottles!  In hindsight I should have just jumped in and bought more paint as well as I thought with the two colors I could just do a few monochromatic studies but after playing for an hour I found myself really wanting to be able to mix some real darks.  Oh well, another trip to the art store, heh heh :)


andrea said...

That is just about the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! :) I also chose to go with Gamblin since Opus carries it, but I also discovered M Graham (I see you have a bottle of their walnut oil, which Opus does carry but not the paint!) and just LOVE it. But, since its base is walnut oil, it takes a lot longer to dry. Still worth it.

Tracey said...

I know, aren't they! I still get a little breathless everytime I go into Opus, who says artist's are a little off ;)

Yes I have heard alot and wish I had seen the M Graham alkyd as it is supposedly totally non-toxic.

I really like the walnut oil though & will probabaly end up using mostly just this once I get the hang of things :)

Lisa Lorenz said...

Beautiful products :)

Lisa Lorenz said...

sorry to hear about your back.

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa, I know, what a drag about my back, but I would never have had all that time to research oils otherwise ;)