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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My First Oil Painting

Seascape Oil Painting of Boat on Water

It is not completed but I thought I would post it to show I really have been painting as I have not been posting much lately.  This is a 14x18" oil painting on canvas using a very limited palette, blue, brown & white only.  Although it looks very gray online, there actually are hints of blue in the sky and water.  I may add a bit of red and yellow here and there in the sky and a bit more blue in the water but will wait a bit to decide. 

I  need to wait for the boat to dry a bit before I add the more details to it as trying to do so wet in wet just was not working too well.  I will also soften the clouds more and add more depth to them and possibly add a slight horizon line just to anchor things a bit. 

I am very new to oils and have been doing a  lot of surfing lately for tips but there is really nothing better than just diving in and seeing what happens :) Now, lets see how long this takes to dry....


Lisa Lorenz said...

WOW, its amazing Tracy!

Tracey said...

lol thanks Lisa. I can tell you are just as cheery as your paintings ;)

andrea said...

Very nice. Which actual colours did you use? Since I plan to spend the next few months experimenting in oil (starting next week) I will be watching your explorations very closely! I'm appalled at how much I don't know about oil painting.

Tracey said...

Thanks Andrea :) I used burnt umber, ultramarine blue & titanium white. Cool I will keep a close eye on your site as well ;) We should get together over the summer too, and actually do it ;)

It is very humbling starting a new medium isn't it. It seems like there is so many do's & don'ts with oils, never been much for rules...good thing I am mellowing with age :)