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Monday, June 28, 2010

Dalia Flower Painting in Acrylic - wip #5

Many more layers of color have been added to this flower but still a fair bit more to go :) The background blues have been laid in and will be glazed so that they are much less bright in the final painting. 

The  dark values on the petals need to be deepened to create more depth and then I will add the highlights to the petals as each petal gets nearer completion.  I am also thinking I will need to knock back some of the background petals to create more depth as well but I will wait until I get more of the colors laid down.


Lisa Lorenz said...

HOly Smokes...look at this ...Wow Tracey..you are just so talented. Love it..its looking smashing! how much more work do you have to do. Its lookng almost done!

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement Lisa as this one feels like it is taking forever!

I actually just posted another update but I still have a fair bit more to go I think.

I am trying to build up the layers slowly with glazes to create a very translucent feeling so it takes awhile but hopefully is worth it :)