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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dalia Flower Painting in Acrylic - wip #2

This is my progress so far.  I am just blocking in the shapes, lights and darks, to cover the canvas and get a bit more of a roadmap going. 

Flowers are really alot of fun to paint as it is like a big jigsaw puzzle.  The darks will need to be deepened more of course but just getting rid of the whites at this point. A little messy looking but it will get better soon :)


Lisa Lorenz said...

Hi Tracy, oh wow, this is looking fabulous. I just love wips too! Cant wait to see it progressing. your drawing on the canvas is so nice and neat. Mine are a disaster all the time.

Costescu said...

Thanks Lisa, that is so funny I always think your look so neat, must be because we see all the little flaws in our own work and just get to appreciate others :)