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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission Mother's 80th Birthday Update #6

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission for Mother's Gift I have added the final refinements to both portraits and have finished the sweater and necklace. Again I will leave this overnight to look at with fresh eyes in the morning and will see if my client would like any tweaks. When I say leave it overnight, what I really mean is bring it down to the living room to stare at it from different angles, distances etc to see if anything pops out at me :)

The portrait is of my client's mother for her 80th birthday but in the portrait on the left she is in her 70's, looking amazing I must say. The other portrait is again of my client's mother but in her 40's. She is having it framed as well so I will also post a photo of the finished piece as artwork always looks so much better framed :)


Susan Liles said...

Great gift for your client to give to her mother. Nice job!

Tracey said...

Thanks Susan, yes I think she will be pleased :) My client's sisters have been watching the progress as well so I am sure they are all very excited to see their mom's reaction too.

Lisa Lorenz said...

What a finish! Gorgeous! Its so exciting for them!

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa :) It is framed & ready to go, ahead of schedule. Nice when I get commissions that are not a rush, so rare!