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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Details

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mother's Birthday GiftI did a few very minor adjustments on the portraits. The portrait on the left, I just added a few more wrinkles, sigh we all get em, to her neck and cheeks. The wrinkles are a little harsh looking in the photo as the graduations between the darks & lights are not 100% true online but close :)

For the portrait on the right I added more curl to her hair to better resemble how her true hairstyle used to be and strengthed the darks in her hair a bit more.


Lisa Lorenz said...

Just outstanding..They must be thrilled to bits with their beautiful portrait!

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa I am quite happy with this portrait so I think my clients will be as well. They live in the area so are going to stop by my studio today to pick it up and visit, very nice as I often don't get to meet my clients face to face :)