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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mother's 80th Birthday Update #5

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission for mother Just a quick update! The portrait on the right has been refined more but a few ares still need to be softened. More highlights will be added to her hair and then her sweater & necklace will be finished.

Then it is onto finishing the hair on the portrait on the right and a few minor tweaks to her features.


Willy. said...

Very nice pencil work!
grtings. Willy.

Tracey said...

Thanks Willie & thanks for stopping by :)

Lisa Lorenz said...

Holy smokes Tracy! You are fast. Just smashing work. I am in awe! they are going to be so happy!

Tracey said...

lol thanks so much Lisa :) I really have enjoyed this one so I hope they will be really happy.

I did not realize how much I missed graphite...and watercolor now that I am playing with acrylic. I CAN NOT take up another medium there are just not enough hours in the day to play with them all ;)