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Monday, May 03, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom's 80th Birthday Update #3

Graphite Pencil Portrait for Mother's Gift
Well again I got carried away and did not post as many updates of the progress as I usually do. I kept wanting to do just one more thing...oh well :) I still have tweaks to do on both portraits but wanted to get both more finished and now refine the details on both further and correct small areas that are off.
The portrait on the right needs more smoothening of the skin as well and her cheek needs to be darkened to give it more of a turn. Her shirt will also be darker to set her back a bit more. Several layers of graphite pencil have been layered in her hair and now I will build up more direction in her hair and then onto the details :)


Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

It's looking very good!

Tracey said...

Hi Lark actually both are mom, one when she was younger and one more recent. Stiff do you mean the pose or the portrait? Hopefully the more recent update looks less stiff to you ;)

Thanks Michelle...coming down the home stretch :)