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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Landscape Acrylic Painting - Harrison Reference Photo

Harrison Hot Springs LandscapeI took this photo last year during a weekend get away when we went up to Harrison Hot Springs. I took a couple of photos the first night as we walked along the shore and then took a ton of photos of the gardens & statues at the back of the Harrison Hot Springs Hotel where we were staying.

I love staying there in the winter as the hot springs feel so much warmer but it is so pretty in the summer too that it is well worth the trip.

I will change the format a bit to fit my 12x24" panel that I have prepared and will paint this in acrylic...my first acrylic landscape so it should be interesting ;)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

June 15 – 27, 2010
FCA Show - Still Life

Watercolor Seashell Painting
One of my paintings,
Pile Up has been chosen for the Still Life Show at the Federation of Canadian Artists gallery on Granville Island from June 15 until the 27th, 2010.
I hope to make it down to see this one...& maybe stop at Opus...again ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Acrylic Abstract Landscape

This is another acrylic painting I am working on. It is on a 12x24" panel which I am using for the first time and really liking the feel of.
The cradled panel on my last piece I covered with mediums for texture so it had a whole other feel to it. Good thing I like the panel as I got a whole 8x4 foot sheet cut into 12x24" pieces so I have a whole lot of panels to play with, should keep me busy for awhile.
This is not nearly done & not sure where I am going but definitely having fun with it :) I am also working on a few other pieces at the same time during drying times. Seems no matter what medium you use there is always that drying time where you have to wait patiently. I guess I will have to work on my patience or get better at working on multiple paints at once.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Acrylic Adventures

Well this is an update on the abstract I posted below. I have been learning ALOT about acrylics, mostly what not to do & then fixing it up, so far I am ending up with paintings looking totally different than I had planned, but liking it :) The sheen looks a little hazy in the photo but is actually clear, except for the bottom & middle where I have added different colors after applying the gels.

I may do a few more tweaks on this one but will live with it for a bit and then decide.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drawing Realistic Portraits Workshop
Oct 16-17, 2010

I have had several requests to teach my graphite pencil techniques so I have decided to offer a workshop, I am so excited! The workshop will be held at the Outlet in Port Coquitlam (Leigh Square). The class size will be limited so if you are interested please contact me sooner than later to ensure a spot for yourself.

This two day workshop will help you to bring your drawings to a whole new level of realism and depth. The first day we will combine short demos followed by hands on applications of each technique. The second day we will apply these techniques create a completed portrait from your reference photo.
Some of the skills you will learn are:
  • how to choose great reference photos
  • an easy way to create accurate line drawings right from the start
  • realistic shading and textural techniques
  • an in depth overview of the materials used to make the process successful for any subject matter

Whether you are a portrait, landscape or still life artist your drawing skills will reach a new level of realism by the end of the workshop. A full supply list will be provided after registration.
Oct 16 & 17, 2010
Sat & Sun 10-4pm
Again, if you are interested in this workshop, please don't wait until the last minute to put your name on the list :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

This is Art?

Well, it is too soon to say! I have been playing around with acrylics and different mediums & gels this afternoon & I just had to take a photo of this. I don't know if it is going to end up in the trash or end up a really cool painting but I sure am having fun :)
I am playing with several different paintings right now, all abstract in acrylic just to see what I can do when I mix all these strange products together. Once the white layer that looks like cake icing dries it will be transparent & glossy and show the layers underneath.
So either I will wake up to something cool tomorrow or start on something else :)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Details

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mother's Birthday GiftI did a few very minor adjustments on the portraits. The portrait on the left, I just added a few more wrinkles, sigh we all get em, to her neck and cheeks. The wrinkles are a little harsh looking in the photo as the graduations between the darks & lights are not 100% true online but close :)

For the portrait on the right I added more curl to her hair to better resemble how her true hairstyle used to be and strengthed the darks in her hair a bit more.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Graphite Portrait Commission Mother's 80th Birthday Update #6

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission for Mother's Gift I have added the final refinements to both portraits and have finished the sweater and necklace. Again I will leave this overnight to look at with fresh eyes in the morning and will see if my client would like any tweaks. When I say leave it overnight, what I really mean is bring it down to the living room to stare at it from different angles, distances etc to see if anything pops out at me :)

The portrait is of my client's mother for her 80th birthday but in the portrait on the left she is in her 70's, looking amazing I must say. The other portrait is again of my client's mother but in her 40's. She is having it framed as well so I will also post a photo of the finished piece as artwork always looks so much better framed :)

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mother's 80th Birthday Update #5

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission for mother Just a quick update! The portrait on the right has been refined more but a few ares still need to be softened. More highlights will be added to her hair and then her sweater & necklace will be finished.

Then it is onto finishing the hair on the portrait on the right and a few minor tweaks to her features.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait - Mother's 80th Birthday Update #4

Graphite Pencil Portrait Mother's Gift Commission
Well alot of minor adjustments here and there and many, many layers added to the hair on the right. I still need to soften the edges of her hair so it looks more blended into the paper but other than that I think the portrait of "mom" when she was younger is complete. I will leave it overnight so that I can look at it with fresh eyes in the morning to be sure.
The portrait on the left "mom" in a more recent photo still needs her hair & sweater completed and some minor tweaks on her face which I will do in the morning.

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom's 80th Birthday Update #3

Graphite Pencil Portrait for Mother's Gift
Well again I got carried away and did not post as many updates of the progress as I usually do. I kept wanting to do just one more thing...oh well :) I still have tweaks to do on both portraits but wanted to get both more finished and now refine the details on both further and correct small areas that are off.
The portrait on the right needs more smoothening of the skin as well and her cheek needs to be darkened to give it more of a turn. Her shirt will also be darker to set her back a bit more. Several layers of graphite pencil have been layered in her hair and now I will build up more direction in her hair and then onto the details :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Watercolor Workshop
July 17 & 18, 2010

I will be teaching a watercolor workshop Realistic Watercolors on July 17 & 18 from 10-4pm at the Outlet in Port Coquitlam. The venue is fantastic as has a kitchen area, a very large workspace and tons of natural light.

The first day we will focus on several different techniques, layering transparent glazes, color mixing, blending, textures etc. Each different technique will be covered in a demo by myself and then the techniques will be applied on a small painting so by the end of the first day you will have several small paintings which will reinforce the techniques.

The second day we will combine all of the techniques we learned on the first day to create a larger finished painting. Cheat sheets for the course will be provided for each student to take home for future reference so you can focus on painting, not taking notes.

To sign up please email me directly to reserve your spot on the workshop. The cost is $250 for both days.

I would like to limit the class size to 15 to ensure each participant gets as much from the workshop as possible so please do not wait until the last minute to register to avoid missing out ;)