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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pastel Demo by Roberta Combs at PMAA

Roberta Combs Pastel Artist
I had the pleasure of attending a demo by a very talented, and funny, artist, Roberta Combs. I do not use pastel but have always been tempted to but the sight of hundreds of broken bits of pastels has always deterred me! Roberta did a quick 2 hour drawing/painting of two pears, one real and one silver.
The way she laid down the colors and blended them was really inspiring as she has such a knowledge of her medium and color theory that the images just popped off her paper so quickly that it looked so easy. Of course it totally is not, that just shows what a ton of talent and years of painting 10 hours a day will do ;)

I have seen her paintings at several of the Federation of Canadian Artist shows but of course did not realise they were all by the same artists. I get so into the art at shows & exhibits I often forget to look at the name of the artist, or anything else! I wish she had more images on line to see but you can view her site at http://artists.ca/combs to see some of her work. The image above of Roberta's Chinese Lanterns shows the silver pear she painted at the demo. I was really amazed at how the pear even in her very quick demo had such depth and luminosity, just beautiful!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, glowing and very life like. All of her paintings have such life to them. They seem to leap off the canvass and into you heart.