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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom's 80th Birthday Update #2

Graphite Pencil Portrait of MotherWell, she has come a long way today! I did have an update between this stage and the last post but I decided to just go ahead and post the portrait as it is at the end of the day as it just looks so much better than at the previous stage!

She still needs some minor adjustments but I want to come back with fresh eyes tomorrow. Her hair needs more depth and highlights and some of her features just need minor tweaks and softening here and there. The sweater has been laid down with several layers of graphite and still needs a few more layers and a bit more depth.


Michelle said...

It looks fantastic!

Tracey said...

Thanks Michelle :) I am pretty happy with the way she is progressing :) I did not realize how much I missed graphite!