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Monday, April 26, 2010

ArtWalk Photo

I took a few photos on my phone but still not sure how to get them off so Silvina took a photo for me with a real camera :)

The colorful paintings in of the children playing in the grass are Silvina's and the others are mine. Thanks to all of you that did make it out & stopped in to visit us at the garden center. Also a big thank you to Moira for hosting us at her location, she had to move alot of items around to make room for all of us & we really appreciated all her effort!

So now it is back to my studio to get all the items put away so that I can get started on my next commission!


Lisa Lorenz said...

Congrats..beautiful pic of you Tracey! Wish I could have come too!

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa :) It was fun to meet all the artists that came to visit. Too bad we are so far away as I would have loved to come see your demo too.