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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Acrylics Workshop

Just a quick post to share my what I worked on at the workshop last weekend. They are both basically just underpaintings as the leaf one took me a long time as kept getting brush hairs & dirt in the paint when trying to do my background. Then the wind kept blowing all my supplies away so I said to heck with it and went in doors to play!

What a hassel, I am not a plien air painter! So I will continue with the layers and building up the tones in the leaves, but may just end up painting over this one!
The other one I quite like and had alot of fun doing. I will continue to build up the depth and may add a third color or texture to it but will see how it progresses & then decide :)


Michelle said...

Sounds frustrating! I'm not fond of plein air painting, either. The comfort of a windless, climate controlled room is more my cup of tea. The reds, oranges and yellows are pretty.

Tracey said...

I KNOW! Music, climate control, comfortable chair and everything at my fingertips...why give that all up?

Of course it was a sunny and all the flowers smelled really nice, but I was not really focusing on that ;)

Billie Crain said...

I have a heck of time photographing my artwork outdoors much less trying to paint it. Plein air painting is not my cup of tea either.

You're really getting your 'color' on, Tracey! Good to see you dabbling with vibrant colors.:)

Tracey said...

Yes I think it takes a special breed to really enjoy plien air ;)

The colors of these paints are so amazing it is hard not to get your color on! They are so similar to watercolor yet still acrylic that it makes them really fun to play with for us watercolorists :)