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Friday, April 30, 2010

Art Focus Annual Spring Show
May 1 & 2, 2010

I just got back from hanging my paintings at the Outlet for our spring show which starts tomorrow at 11am and runs from 11-5pm both Sat & Sun, May 1 & 2. I will be at the show from 3-5pm on Sat and hopefully around 4-5pm on Sunday.

Click here for a map of 2253 Leigh Square, Port Coquitlam, BC

It is a really great show as there are so many different styles and mediums from the group of artists that there really is something for everyone :) I won't make it for Mother's Day in the Park this year but I did attend previously and it was alot of fun watching the kids get so into the art. I was fortunate that my mother was in town who is also an artist so it was like the perfect Mother's Day gift for both of us :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom's 80th Birthday Update #2

Graphite Pencil Portrait of MotherWell, she has come a long way today! I did have an update between this stage and the last post but I decided to just go ahead and post the portrait as it is at the end of the day as it just looks so much better than at the previous stage!

She still needs some minor adjustments but I want to come back with fresh eyes tomorrow. Her hair needs more depth and highlights and some of her features just need minor tweaks and softening here and there. The sweater has been laid down with several layers of graphite and still needs a few more layers and a bit more depth.

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom's 80th Birthday Update #1

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission - Mom Birthday
Just a quick update as I had to force myselft to stop & take a photo! I am just modeling her features so the darks are a little harsh right now. They will be built up slowly, softened & highlights lifted out and her features refined as I go.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Art Focus Spring Show
May 1 & 2, 2010

art focus may day showI just got back from a demo at the Art Focus group in Port Coquitlam by Richard McDiarmid which was awesome :) I have seen him demo once before and I am just amazed how he just pulls a painting together so quickly and with such depth and glow, seemingly just by brushing paint on the canvas. I think he has magic stuff mixed in with the paint ;)

The catalogue for the May Day show on May 1 & 2 was printed up and I got to leaf through a copy, it looks so nice. I decided to place an ad in the catalogue this year of the photo above. I thought I would start teaching this year now that things are getting more balanced, life, exhibits, painting etc. I would like to make a bit of time to teach and get out of the studio a bit more with other artists & paint. Now to pack up the paintings for the show!

The geese in "Ruffled Feathers" will be at the show and the graphite pencil portrait of the couple and the watercolor portrait of the baby are photos of my past commissions.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Graphite Pencil Portrait Commission
Mom's 80th Birthday

Graphite Portrait Commission for Birthday Gift

This is the rough sketch for a graphite pencil portrait commission that I am working on for my client's mother's 80th birthday gift.

I have drawn out the rough sketch on plain cartridge paper and will now transfer it onto my fine art paper. I worked out a lot more detail than I usually do at this point. I think mainly just because I miss drawing as I have been painting so much lately!

Now to cut the paper and transfer the image and jump into the fun part, the building up the depth! The final portrait will be 16x20" framed with a double white matt.

Monday, April 26, 2010

ArtWalk Photo

I took a few photos on my phone but still not sure how to get them off so Silvina took a photo for me with a real camera :)

The colorful paintings in of the children playing in the grass are Silvina's and the others are mine. Thanks to all of you that did make it out & stopped in to visit us at the garden center. Also a big thank you to Moira for hosting us at her location, she had to move alot of items around to make room for all of us & we really appreciated all her effort!

So now it is back to my studio to get all the items put away so that I can get started on my next commission!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Off to the Art Walk with my new Giclee Prints!

Giclee Limited Edition Print on Canvas

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Canvas
16x20" on 2" Thick Stretched Canvas

Giclee Limited Edition Print on Paper

Limited Edition Giclee Print on Watercolor Paper
16x20" Matted and Framed

Well we are all set up and ready to go, damn rain! Oh well, hopefully it will taper off by 12 which is when the artwalk starts :) The opening reception was very nice last night, yummy food, great art, wine & a really great jazz band, the Craig Townsend Quartet, not to mention a view of the water.

I had my first giclee print done on canvas for the show and am quite happy with the results. I also have framed the giclee of Pride which won People's Choice Award. The originals of both have sold and I instantly got separation anxiety so I created Limited Edition Giclee Prints of both of the originals before delivering to the clients.
Giclee (pronounced Gee’clay) is a process of printing which does not use a screen or other mechanical devices so there is no visible dot screen pattern. The prints maintain all of the tonalities and hues of the original painting and use archival pigments which will remain true for many years to come.

All of my custom fine art print are printed on professional fine art canvas or paper similar to watercolor paper in color and texture using archival ink by a professional giclee printer.

Most of the artwork on my site is available as prints and is available in the standard sizes or custom sizes. This is an additional feature that I really like about the company that I deal with is the custom sizes for each order so each order can be custom created to fit a clients need for size & space, very handy.
Hope to see you out rain or shine today if you are in the area!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Art Walk Opening Reception Tonight at 6:30

Seashell Painting - Art Walk Opening Reception in Port MoodyWell I am all ready for the Artwalk this weekend, well almost! The opening reception is tonight from 6:30-8:30pm at the Old Mill Boathouse (2715 Esplanade, Rocky Point Park, Port Moody) and my painting Shell Dance will be on display along with some other amazing artwork. I hope if you are in the area you can make it in for some wine and nibblies and great art.

Watercolor Floral Painting - Not Quite White

I just finished framing my latest watercolor painting, Not Quite White, and now I am getting separation anxiety already! It is 18x24", this size is really growing on me. I think I will need to paint a few more larger paintings like this as they really look great from across the room!

Both paintings along with several others in acrylic, graphite pencil and watercolor will be on display this weekend as well from 12-5pm Sat & Sun at the Port Moody Garden Center (#5 - 2822 Spring Street, Port Moody - portmoodygardencentre.com).

I will be at the Port Moody Garden Center both days along with my fellow artists, Melanie Cossey, Gordon Bondoreff, Silvina Lanusse and the Port Moody Rock & Gem Club. I hope you can stop by for a visit!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pastel Demo by Roberta Combs at PMAA

Roberta Combs Pastel Artist
I had the pleasure of attending a demo by a very talented, and funny, artist, Roberta Combs. I do not use pastel but have always been tempted to but the sight of hundreds of broken bits of pastels has always deterred me! Roberta did a quick 2 hour drawing/painting of two pears, one real and one silver.
The way she laid down the colors and blended them was really inspiring as she has such a knowledge of her medium and color theory that the images just popped off her paper so quickly that it looked so easy. Of course it totally is not, that just shows what a ton of talent and years of painting 10 hours a day will do ;)

I have seen her paintings at several of the Federation of Canadian Artist shows but of course did not realise they were all by the same artists. I get so into the art at shows & exhibits I often forget to look at the name of the artist, or anything else! I wish she had more images on line to see but you can view her site at http://artists.ca/combs to see some of her work. The image above of Roberta's Chinese Lanterns shows the silver pear she painted at the demo. I was really amazed at how the pear even in her very quick demo had such depth and luminosity, just beautiful!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Acrylic Abstract Painting

This is an acrylic I have been working on using my new acrylics. I am trying to keep the shapes very loose and focusing on the texture and colors more than the shapes but am still trying to build depth and create the feel of the shapes. The shapes are bunches of grapes :)

I still need to add in several layers of highlights and possibly add deeper shadows for the green grapes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Acrylics Workshop

Just a quick post to share my what I worked on at the workshop last weekend. They are both basically just underpaintings as the leaf one took me a long time as kept getting brush hairs & dirt in the paint when trying to do my background. Then the wind kept blowing all my supplies away so I said to heck with it and went in doors to play!

What a hassel, I am not a plien air painter! So I will continue with the layers and building up the tones in the leaves, but may just end up painting over this one!
The other one I quite like and had alot of fun doing. I will continue to build up the depth and may add a third color or texture to it but will see how it progresses & then decide :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Arts Connect Artwal 2010 Art Walk Map for Port Moody

Port Moody Art Walk with Arts Connect
The Art Walk 2010 Map is now online for the Art Walk locations so please check it out so that you can plan your route or method of attack ;) Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

April 29 - May 30, 2010
Suite E Life Drawing Group Exhibit at the Outlet

Watercolor Portrait of BabyAcrylic Dog Portrait - Papillon PuppyI hope you can make it down for Suite E Life Drawing Group exhibit at the Outlet from April 29 until May 30 to view our artwork focusing on Youth. A range of subjects and mediums will be represented.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Art Walk - More Paintings Ready to Go

watercolor on paper 8x10

Watercolor on Paper
8x10" Matted and Framed

watercolor on paper 8x10

Watercolor on Paper
8x10" Matted and Framed

I am slowly getting ready for the upcoming Art Walk in Port Moody on April 24 & 25. I just finished framing two of my watercolor paintings that I will be bringing. They are both matted, framed and ready to hang!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

May 4-16, 2010
FCA Show - Abstract

Abstract Acrylic Flower Painting - Blown Away I am very excited to say that my latest painting, Blown Away has been jurying into the Federation of Canadian Artists upcoming Abstract Show.

Part of the reason I am very excited is that this is my first acrylic painting that I have submitted to be juried and I have only done one other abstract in my life so I was crossing my fingers and toes for this one :)