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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Watercolor Flower Painting - Iris Update #5

I am working all over the flower now adding finer details and more darks in areas while softening and lifting out lights in other areas. I am still playing with the push and pull to balance the entire flower and pull the viewer around throughout the petals.

I darkened the background again and will need to get some distance to decide whether to give it one more layer of darks on the left side. It is getting very close to being done and at this point I get a little nervous of overdoing it but I am really trying to push my paintings to the limit right now (sucker for punishment perhaps?) so I am finding that rather than listening to my usuals, Sarah MacLachlan, Anna Nalick or Holly McNarland, I have switched to ear splitting levels of Bush X, seems to be working...or at least I am having fun :)


Vanessa said...

Beautiful Iris! Your stages really show the work you put in. Can surely see you loved this one. I'm a Sarah MacLachlan fan too though I haven't heard much from her these days. Did she put out a new album recently?

Music and Art, what better combos :)

Tracey said...

Thanks Vanessa :) Yes I like to see other's works in progress as it really is cool to watch the paintings/drawing come to life - although some stages can look pretty scare ;)

No, Sarah has not put out a new album...I am still listening to her Christmas music...I love Christmas ;) Hopefully she will have another one out soon. I think I have all of her dvds!

I know, what a great combo, probably why I paint so much ;)