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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Spirit Week Live Kids Demo

I just found out that I have been accepted to do a live kids demo at the Spirit week public demo next Thursday, February 11th. The event is taking place outside in Leigh Square from 6-8pm There will be artists, live entertainment and of course the torch will be be arriving Thurs morning!

Check out the city's website for more infmoration and I will provide more info as well as I get more of the details. Hope to see you there!


Lisa Lorenz said...

Woohoo! Congrats Tacey, great stuff. Lots of buzzing going around with the Olympics aye! I my friend from Vancouver sent me some really nice pics and she is also volunterring during the games so she is seeing so much! Have a great week ahead!

Tracey said...

Thanks Lisa :) Yeah it is cool to see people of all different walks of life and interests coming together and having a blast. I am not a huge sports fan (takes time away from my art ;)) so I have not been too many sports things so was fun to see all the excitement.

I had a demo for kids using crayons as a wax resist that went over really well, despite the rain!

The entertainment was amazing too. They had fire dancing and it turns out a member of the group is one of my old co-workers from my past life (pre kids), small world or at least town ;)